About us

Taxon Foundation

Taxon Foundation was set up in 2020 as a non-profit sister organisation of Taxon Expeditions. The mission of the Foundation is to involve the general public more in ecological and taxonomic research and thus create a better basis for nature education, conservation, and awareness. The foundation does this by helping laypeople, amateurs and school children to carry out high-quality biodiversity research guided by international experts. In its activities, Taxon Foundation pays particular attention to various groups of so-called cryptiobiota, such as insects, spiders, and snails. These groups are often underappreciated and underrepresented in the media, even though they represent the bulk of biodiversity. In our projects, we maintain close collaboration with scientists, academia, ngo’s, companies, charities, and managers of protected areas.


Taxon Foundation aims to inform society about biodiversity, ecology, and taxonomy by:

  • Organising excursions, workshops, and expeditions;
  • Doing scientific research into biodiversity;
  • Publishing scientific articles and books.




Menno Schilthuizen



Norbert Peeters



Aglaia Bouma


Remuneration for board members is limited to reimbursement of expenses or minimal fees.