Taxon Foundation runs community projects with the best biodiversity experts for nature education and conservation. On this page you’ll find a overview of our projects.

Expedition Backyard


When you add them all up, gardens and balconies form a huge urban greenspace.

The beetles of Voorne


40 years later

In the early 1980s, biology teacher Daan Vestergaard regularly took his pupils to the dunes of Voorne for extracurricular nature studies.

Spoorweghaven Leiden


A threatened strip of urban green

An abandoned strip along the railroad in the centre of Leiden was adopted by the local neighbourhood and, over 30 years, grew into a bit of wild urban nature.

Cave fauna of Georgia


In collaboration with local spelunkers, Taxon Foundation will carry out an expedition to investigate the cave animals of some of the most spectacular limestone caves of Georgia.

A threatened old orchard in Schalkwijk


An old pear orchard in the heart of the village of Schalkwijk was slated to be levelled for a new residential area.

The beetles of Lichtenbeek estate


40 years on

Hoping to catch the elusive German sexton beetle, Nicrophorus germanicus, schoolboy Menno Schilthuizen did a carrion beetle trapping study in Oosterbeek in 1982.